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DfE Funded Senior Mental Health Lead Training
These events are only available to schools in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region

A Partnership Approach
Listening to the Voice of Children/Young People, Staff, Families/Carers and Challenging Stigma
Our personalised training course is for Senior Mental Health Leads who are passionate about developing a partnership approach with staff, young people, parents and carers in shaping the Whole School Approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Creating a Cohesive Environment
Promoting Resilience, Respect and Social and Emotional Learning and Reducing Stigma
Our personalised training course will enable you to consider the diverse challenges children and young people may be facing within local context and support the promotion of resilience, social and emotional learning and positive self-care as part of the core of the school ethos.

Getting the Right Support for Children and Young People
Identifying Need, Monitoring Interventions, Targeting Support and Making Appropriate Referrals
This personalised training course will enable you to understand and plan appropriate responses to children and young people's mental health and wellbeing needs within your setting, ensuring timely and appropriate external support is sought where required.

Strategic Leadership for Change
Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools and Colleges
This personalised training course is aimed at Senior Mental Health Leads familiar with the role who are wanting to start reviewing and developing their whole school approach.

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